Creating A REST Webservice With C# And Visual Studio

Webservice Jun 16, 2017

In this tutorial Creating A REST Webservice I guide you through the process of creating a RESTful Webservice with C# and Visual Studio.

CLICK HERE to go to the updated version for creating a REST Webservice for .NET Core.

For this demo I am using Visual Studio 2017 with the ASP.NET and web development package installed.

Visual Studio ASP.NET & Web
Visual Studio ASP.NET & Web

Within Visual Studio we create a new ASP.NET Web Application Project by navigation to "File ->  New -> Project" and selecting "ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework)".

New Project ASP.NET Web Application - Creating A REST Webservice
New Project ASP.NET Web Application - Creating A REST Webservice

On the next screen it is important to choose the "Web API" template. This template automatically creates a skeleton of a rest interface.

Web API Template - Creating A REST Webservice
Web API Template

After the creation of the project structure we hit run to see what Visual Studio initially provides us.

ASP.NET Web API initial look - Creating A REST Webservice
ASP.NET Web API initial look

By navigation to API we have access to the template REST methods and their documentation, which are created by default from Visual Studio.

Initial REST methods and description - Creating A REST Webservice
Initial REST methods and description

Alright. If you now type in "http://localhost:53975/api/values" (the port may vary on your local environment) in the browser, you'll get a return value of type JSON.


his REST methods and their return values are defined in the ValuesController within the Controller folder of your Web API project. There you find all your methods like Get, Post, Put, Delete etc.

public class ValuesController : ApiController
    // GET api/values
    public IEnumerable<string> Get()
        return new string[] { "value1", "value2" };

    // GET api/values/5
    public string Get(int id)
        return "value";

    // POST api/values
    public void Post([FromBody]string value)

    // PUT api/values/5
    public void Put(int id, [FromBody]string value)

    // DELETE api/values/5
    public void Delete(int id)
If you want to change the URL  you have to make amendments within the WebApiConfig.cs file in the App_Start Folder.
    name: "DefaultApi",
    routeTemplate: "api/{controller}/{id}",
    defaults: new { id = RouteParameter.Optional }

With this code every API call has to be structured with "api/{name of your Controller}/{id}.

By adding a new Controller you can choose between various templates. In this demo I'll use the Web API 2 Controller with read/write actions.

Add New Controller (Read/Write) - Creating A REST Webservice
Add New Controller (Read/Write)

The name of the new controller is "ConfigController".

After starting the application by pressing F5 we now have an additional REST interface by calling the URL "http://localhost:53975/api/config", which references to the ConfigController by its name.

And that's basically it. You can now change the interfaces to your naming convention, add logic to the different methods and return whatever data you want.

Video Tutorial on YouTube:

Happy coding :-).


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